We will work on your Platform, Authority, and Position you for business opportunities, speaking engagements and Strategic Partnerships! 

Plus the layout of your speaker page, marketing and branding material for your social media platforms.

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Powerhouse Academy Results: 

  • National and Local Speaking engagements booked
  • Increase in business and visibility 
  • Unlimited opportunities with your Audience and Strategic Partners
  • Clients have left their full time jobs to run their dream business full time 
  • Clients have been appointed to Boards and Commissions in their cities and running for public office
  • Positioned as a "Go To” and Authority in their field or mission

About Chandra Brooks

I’m Chandra Brooks, I’m an Award-Winning Leader, Author, and Entrepreneur that has secured magazine covers, TEDx Talks and major Speaking Engagements, Media Interviews, built Podcast from the ground up, established Strategic Partnerships with Business organizations and Tech companies and I want to show you how.  

In 2017 Chandra launched The SocialPreneur, a purpose driven business that coaches women on a Mission to Change the World by building leadership in politics, their company, business, and/or community. Paired with a book titled, Black, Brown & Political: Get Informed, Get Empowered and Change the Game.  

Chandra is a former Commissioner of The Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, Chair of the Justice and Advocacy Committee and elected Delegate for The California Democratic Party and Board Member for several Non Profits in Santa Clara County and named one of the Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley.