The Mission Mastermind With Chandra Brooks

The Mission Mastermind with Chandra Brooks

Last year I turned 40, and I decided If I DID NOT move forward with my vision and goals, I never would! So I did!

I reached out to a Coach that advertised “Escape your 9-5,” and I’m so glad I did! After I locked in a coach that guided me, provided me the resources and tools I needed to move things along, things started to move in the right direction.  

And since then, I’ve invested thousands of dollars into my brand, skill, and business and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was well worth it, and already made that investment back in book sales, consulting services, and my course. All things built with my coaches support.

If I didn’t have a coach, I’d be in the same place I was last year and the year before that. 

A Girl with BIG DREAMS and still working for someone else thinking I can do it all by myself. 

This year I’ve coached women to: 

  • Start businesses, non-profits, and foundations
  • Write books  
  • Build confidence and realize their potential  
  • Take seats at decision making tables in business, community, and politics  

I only work with Women on a Mission ready to find their passion and share it with the world!- Chandra 

Here's a testimonial from one of my clients:

I had my very first coaching session with our very own Chandra Brooks and I felt like a fire was lit under me. I'm so EXCITED! -- Tasha


We Create: 

Three Main goals to accomplish

Develop a solid action plan


1 hour a week with me 

Voxer support (Walkie Talkie app) 

Unlimited email support 

Weekly movement and action plans 

Sunday Group Masterminds Q & A  

I help women find their Mission and share it with the World! Are you ready to.....

  • Structure your Social-preneur business 
  • Goal Crush three of your personal and professional goals 
  • Work together to establish yourself as a leader & authority in your field
  • Turn your part-time passion into your full-time paycheck
  • Included in an inner circle of like minded women on a mission
  • Accountability to stay focused 
  • Build the confidence you need to be seen as a change maker and thought leader

Here's Another Testimonial:

You can expect to have your boundaries pushed towards growth. You can expect to be asked questions meant to expand your thoughts and mind. You'll learn to think BIGGER and even GLOBAL. And it will seem overwhelming, but she will teach you how to break it down into palpable parts that are not easy but always worth it. Much love to you, into growth and expansion and in the end WEALTH. -- Jo Anna  

“One thing that prevents people from succeeding is JUST taking ACTION!” - Chandra Brooks 

Are you ready to impact the world? 

Come on sis, stop talking about what you want to do one day, and just do it. I did and I want to help 100 women in 2018 do the same thing.  

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